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Dry Riders is an organization of men and women who are family oriented and have formed a
motorcycle club to promote the benefits of motorcycling without the use of alcohol or drugs. 

History and Background

Dry Riders, Inc. is a non-profit motorcycle club incorporated in the state of Minnesota.  It was formed by a small group of bikers in 1977 who saw a need for a motorcycle club that did not use drugs or alcohol while riding.  A club that is SAFETY minded and projects a FAMILY ORIENTED IMAGE.

As a club, we are Not Crusaders.  We have no 'ax to grind'.  We are not against others who use drugs or drink, but WE BELIEVE ALCOHOL AND DRUGS HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR CLUB.

Like other motorcycle clubs, we are enthusiastically committed to enjoying our sport.  We ride all kinds of bikes - Harleys, Hondas, Yamahas, Kawasaki's, Suzukis, BMWs - even Trikes.

Most weekends during the summer there is a Chapter hosted function somewhere and chances are pretty good you will see different bikes and trikes in attendance.

As a FAMILY ORIENTED Club, all family members enjoy membership and adult members have equal voting rights - rider or not. However, passenger members may not vote on riding rules. Children are welcome at most of our events and even have their own 'colors' and Chapter identification.

We are non-denominational and are not affiliated with any other motorcycle club.

We welcome any motorcyclist who believes in and practices our principals and enjoys our great sport as much as we do.


At present, Chapters are located in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Chapter is the basic organization unit of the Dry Riders.  Each Chapter is autonomous, except in matters affecting the Dry Riders as a whole.